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The Importance of Staff Vetting

Due to the ongoing Brexit discussions and the ever changing legislation around overseas workers in the UK, the importance of staff vetting has never been greater.

The cleaning industry has a large number of overseas workers and companies now have more of a responsibility to ensure that those who want to work in the industry, can do so legally.

According to The Migration Observatory, the number of foreign-born people of working age in the UK increased from nearly 3.0 million in 1993 to 7.0 million in 2015.  

We have taken the necessary steps to partner with NSL and use Kessing Technologies to vet our staff. All of our existing and potential staff members have had either their Visa, Permit or Passport scanned to check that they can work in the UK and that the document is not falsified in any shape or form.

This system has been utilised by us since 2015 and has been well received by our clients and has shown our commitment to making sure no illegal workers slip through the net.

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